Zentrum der Rehabilitation


Health is our most valuable asset

In our rehabilitation center we do everything to restore the health of our clients for the future. In addition to an individual therapy we put special emphasis on promoting the motivation of each client to become active.

This is the best way to a successful therapy and to greater autonomy and happiness-in-life. Our competent and experienced therapists and assistants are the guarantee for a fast, full and lasting recovery.

On the following pages we want to introduce you to our rehabilitation center, our service range and concept. We hope you will find the time and leisure for reading and already invite you to visit us in order to get to know our center and services on a personal level.


Daniela Dorschner-Geerlofs


Ruud Geerlofs


Marco Dorschner

Our “Zentrum der Rehabilitation”

Our rehabilitation center is dedicated to individually accompanying patients in all stages of recovery and to supporting them in their healing process in an active and competent way. We are deeply convinced that our therapy offers can help our clients to considerably improve their individual quality of life.

The main goals of our joint work are
  • recovery of motor and language functions as well as the cognitive situation
  • recovery of self-reliance

The focus of our treatment programme is on an intensive therapy named I.N.P.U.T.® which is clinically tested and based on the latest neurological research.

This kind of intensive therapy enables us to restore lost functions and takes less time than traditional therapies.

A well trained staff

The basis of our therapeutic work is the wide-ranging qualification, the many years’ experience and permanent training of our therapists.

Our philosophy of care

The latest research findings and the fact that the duration of common rehabilitation was increasingly shortened combined with a lack of support in the following years gave us the impulse to reconsider traditional treatments and to develop new treatment strategies for traumatic brain injury, paraplegia and tetraplegia, stroke, cerebral hemorrhage and other neurological diseases.

This motivation led us to a deeper study of scientific findings about motor skill acquisition and neuroplasticity as the basis of motor recovery. Meanwhile a substantial body of research was available describing the theoretical constructs by which recovery occurs in the central nervous system. These neuroscience information encourage us to continue developing and optimizing treatment strategies which are based upon the current state of research.

The main focus was on the development of treatment strategies in which the forced use of affected body parts was secured for a faster motor recovery. Neuroscientists have confirmed that such strategies are important for processes meant to create optimal healing conditions.

We believe in
  • the positive results of the research projects. They have strengthened our believe that motor healing for these clients is possible. Based on this philosophy we want to make the most effective therapeutic intervention available to our clients.
  • the possibility that clients with neurological dysfunctions are able to recover their motor control. This believe hasn’t changed in 30 years of treatment experience and therapist training.
  • What has changed is the increase in extensive research activity that has strengthened our believe. We have become increasingly fascinated by this scientific evidence and it is our commitment to develop effective treatment methods.
we want to

utilize the latest research findings for therapy and to stay open to change.

The result
  • a treatment duration of minimum 3-8 hours a day
  • performed 1:1 or 1:2 client:therapist

This intensive care is based on the latest research findings and insights into the central nervous system

This intensive therapeutic support means to our clients that they can achieve measurable results faster than with any other traditional type of therapy. It enables the client to actively participate in life and to significantly improve the quality of life.

We challenge and encourage you to make sure that you reach your goals.