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Corona hygiene concept

  • Staff members and clients with suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection are tested and isolated. For testing we use the AMP Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Ag. The test has a sensitivity of 97,3 % and a specificity of 100 %. If the test is positive, results will be confirmed with a PCR test.
  • We perform daily temperature checks on every person entering our rehabilitation center and record the results.
  • All clients (intensive care patients as well as outpatients) are required to inform us if they had contact to infected persons or show SARS-CoV-2 symptoms. The same rule applies to our staff members.
  • Every client receives the rules of conduct beforehand.
  • Staff members or clients with symptoms of a cold have to contact us immediately to discuss the further procedure.
  • Suppliers are not allowed to enter our rehabilitation center. Exceptions are possible on arrangement.
  • No visits are allowed. In exceptional cases, we allow visits with a negative PCR test. Accepted visitors are required to wear a FFP2 mask.
  • Wearing a FFP 2 mask is compulsory for all members of staff and recommended for clients because they are considered the best protection. Clients suffering from pre-existing illness and breathing troubles are allowed to wear a surgical face mask upon consultation with us.
  • A regular hand disinfection is compulsory for staff members and clients. All hygiene rules (sneeze etiquette, no shaking hands and no face touching) are to be followed.
  • Every person entering our center has to use the virucidal disinfectant at the entrance.
  • We disinfect all therapy areas, therapy devices and materials after every therapy session.
  • We air the therapy rooms during and after treatment.
  • We disinfect all door handles, handrails and often used surfaces several times a day.