The Intensive Therapy

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The Intensive Therapy

We give you individual, goal-oriented and optimal support with a complete service offer in the fields of physiotherapy, ergotherapy, logopedics, robot-assisted therapy and care. We put together an intensive therapy program. Our therapy offers are available for statutorily insured patients as well as privately insured patients and are specially geared to your needs.

For clients with: paraplegia and tetraplegia, traumatic brain injury, stroke), cerebral hemorrhage and other neurological disorders.

Therapy goals

The intensive therapy is always specially geared to the client’s needs and his individual life situation. At the beginning of the therapy we help the client to determine what goals he wants to achieve over which period of time. That can be a certain issue or concrete objective. Objective and time frame depend on what is important to the client in his individual life situation.

Issues can be
  • being actively involved in the therapy
  • greater independence
  • getting along without wheelchair
  • getting dressed
  • being able to maintain personal hygiene
  • being able to do the housework
  • being able to independently manage daily life
  • being able to independently use public transportation
Concrete objectives can be
  • independent transfer
  • being able to stand
  • being able to walk with walking aids
  • walking on different grounds
  • walking without walking aids
  • eating with fork and knife
  • managing stairs
  • being able to get up after a fall

At the end of your therapy we discuss further actions and develop together a vision for the future.

In order to build a relationship of trust the intensive therapy is carried out by the same therapist. Two or more therapists are required only in severe cases.

It is you defining your goals and focus areas

Therapy, therapy goal and duration are individually planned by a personal therapist and discussed with you. Together with the therapist you estimate what time it will take to accomplish your goals. Regardless of common rehabilitation treatments! This way you can influence the time you will need care and find a fast way back into independence.

Or you would like to use the opportunity to train everyday actions like shopping, ordering something in a cafe or reading timetables. Together with an experienced therapist you have the possibility of applying what you have learned and to gain more confidence for your daily life.

You can exchange ideas with other clients and get to know different communication strategies. In addition we offer intensive counselling interviews for you and your relatives.

You set your goals. We help you to realize them!