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Therapeutic living

With our 24-hour concept, we offer a goal-oriented, intensive and full day training with housing options so that you can reach your goal within the time you need. In addition to your daily program during your neurological rehabilitation, you have the opportunity to train tasks of everyday life such as dealing with changed everyday situations, washing and getting dressed or writing a shopping list. You can also train independent living.

For the time of your stay at our rehabilitation center, you and your family members will live in one of our apartments including a barrier-free bathroom.

You also have the opportunity to rent an e-scooter for excursions or a stroll around town.

On request, we can provide services such as 24-hour care, nursing support, nursing aids, doctor on demand, support and relief for family members, as far as these services are not already part of our agreed therapy package.

Just contact us. We will support you!