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We are personal training experts for neurological clients.

We are personal training experts for neurological clients.

The most important goal of our joint work is to restore motor skills after paraplegia, tetraplegia, traumatic brain injury, apoplexy, cerebral bleeding and other neurological events. We want to reduce cognitive limitations and language problems and help the clients to regain their independence.

Health is the greatest of human blessings. That is why we do everything possible to restore the health of our clients and to maintain it in the future. In addition to an individual therapy, we set great value on motivating every client to get active.
In our opinion, this is the best way to success in therapy as well as more independence and happiness. Our competent and experienced therapists and staff members are the guarantee for a fast, good and sustainable recovery.


Intensive Therapy for

  • motor rehabilitation
  • linguistic rehabilitation
  • cognitive Rehabilitation

Example of a successful treatment

Sophie had a swimming accident in July 2020 and suffered from a sensorimotor incomplete tetraplegia sub C5.

She received a nine-week training consisting of five hours of motor-functional intensive therapy plus one hour robot-assisted gait training every day.

And here is the result!

Intensive Therapy

Individually tailored to the client and his personal life situation

Dysphagia Therapy

5 two-hour sessions per day

Therapeutic living

24-hour concept for a goal-oriented training.


Our restaurant chef takes care of your physical well-being


Intensive neuroplasticity utilizing therapy

Cognitive Training

Concentration, attention, memory, learning

Family members

Concrete support; practical assistance


Hippotherapy is a useful addition to the intensive therapy

Robotic Gait Training

Optimal support in your rehabilitation process


High-density treatment consisting of at least 5 sessions per day


Neurofeedback is a kind of biofeedback


Nursing care options during your stay



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RehaCare Düsseldorf 25.09.-28.09.2024


You will soon find our latest podcast episodes here.

Until then you will find some videos on our YouTube channel.

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