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Cognitive training

The human brain has amazing capacity. Concentration, attention, memory and learning are all cognitive skills. A brain injury can compromise these abilities and daily situations or activities are difficult to manage. In many cases family members do not know how to support the affected person in an optimal way.

Many people with brain injury withdraw into themselves and choose social isolation. They feel overwhelmed in situations with too many impressions, to much noise or crowds of people.

At our therapy center, we want to enable you to start enjoying social contacts. We help you with your individual cognitive deficits to improve your quality of life. Many clients also have difficulties in planning activities. It may happen that they start to empty the dishwasher, but suddenly stop the activity because they have forgotten which step comes next.

We support you and your family members in successfully performing everyday tasks.

kognitives Training-2

Together with you and your family, we define and work on individual objectives to regain certain cognitive skills.

Since we use special computer programs from time to time, some training sessions take place in front of the PC. Of course, we also exercise everyday aspects and situations. A constant interdisciplinary exchange between our specialists ensures that we always integrate cognitive aspects into your motor-functional intensive therapy in order to give you the best support in regaining cognitive skills.

We accompany you on your way!