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Vector Gait & Safety System ™

In order to give you optimal support during your rehabilitation process, we offer you the possibility of a training with the Lokomat or Vector Gait & Safety System in addition to your normal gait training. Robotic gait training is part of our attempt to constantly optimize our therapy. It is a useful addition in our concept and enriches your neurological rehabilitation whenever it is indicated.

Robotic gait training is useful for clients after:

  • Paraplegia and tetraplegia
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Apoplexy
  • Cerebral bleeding

It is also indicated for:

  • Coma patients (also possible during artificial respiration)
  • Clients with neurological disorders like MS, ICP etc.

The Lokomat or the Vector Gait-System™ are a useful addition within the neurological rehabilitation, but do not replace a therapy and a therapeutic accompaniment.


The Lokomat ® is a robotic treatmill system that provides what is known as automated locomotion therapy. This way, it increases the efficiency of treatmill training.


The Erigo ® combines gradual verticalisation with robotic movement therapy, which ensures the safety of the patients while they are in an upright position.



It consist of a guided robotic computer with cable control (software interface), a ceiling-mounted rail, a mobile control panel and safety belts. The Vector Gait & Safety System enables the therapist to set various parameters like weight reduction and fall detection limit in order to support the client with his or her individual problems. During the training, the vector registers client data for an analysis, compares training units and creates a medical record of the training.

The Vector Gait & Safety System in combination with our therapy concept is especially useful for coma clients and clients with paraplegia, tetraplegia, traumatic brain injury and apoplexy.